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20 Jun 2018

I like purple and purple rain
Tryna put red and blue together, bitch, that’s on game
These people tryna get me out the paint
‘Cause I cook collard greens and yams better than your aunt
Man, we started with a mustard seed
Now we in the gray 911 with the mustard seats
Sheesh! Matte black puma jet
Shining my light on the world just like “UMI Says”
Got the Richard Milie all colors
Might hit you with the Rose Gold all summer
For the culture
They even biting cornrows, put your scarecrows up
I come from the finest crop
Tell em the god’s on row, watch them line the block
The Chitlin’ circuit is stopped
Now we in stadiums, Eighty Thou a wop, Watch

JAY-Z, "Black Effect"

•    T  Y  ‘  R  O  N     T  H  E    M  O  T  I  V  E    •