…So back to sex, or music… both really. It’s the same result in the end.

I was trying to describe the guitar and my relationship with it to a friend. When I first started, I picked it up and I had no idea how to hold it, how to touch it, how to stroke the strings. I was timid at first, as if I would touch it wrong and it would run away from my fingers and reject my awkward feel. It took time to feel what I feel now. Now I feel like she IS mine. Like the curves of the dreadnaught finally snuggle perfectly onto the round of my thigh as my palm caresses the neck of my instrument and my other hand firmly takes to the strings of her body. I own her now. She is officially mine to command. I pull her strings and I control her energy. I make the tempo and she follows my fantasies as I see and hear them in my head. I play them out with her physically and we create something beautiful and new together.

Everything else fades into The Nothing. I don’t block out the world. It’s the opposite. She makes the world disappear and never exist. She comes into my world. She is now a slave of my fantasy and dreams and my universe is her captivator. Her only purpose now is to take all of what my universe is into her body and transfigure our best self into a new being of vibration and sound that can be carried off into the tangible world of the well-known.

I give her life? Not really. I give her a new universal truth and she gives me her body. Together we give way to a crazy beautiful joy that we aren’t quite ready and willing to share with others. But those of you who are artists, who do make music, who are willing to brave the tangible world and give it pieces of your universe, I commend you. I love this feeling. I love this form of sex, maybe better than the form of sex that I’m used to.

This feels amazing.

This feels like a new high. I understand why you need to create. I understand the addiction. I understand the chase. To those of you who must do this thing in order to make this world know a part of your vision, hear a part of your sound, see a part of your dream… please, never stop.