Release Date: 2017
Producer: PSTMN (@pstmn301)


Alphabet Boy, YBE
That's TBA, play the game so good, they wanna renegotiate the CBA
Crown Apple sipper - black Cinderellas, high heels, no slippers, they divas
Addicted to achievers, owner and leaser, same time, that's business
Sixteens, that's sickness 
I put BPMs in ICU, go OT and cause havoc
I'm the reason for these Lisa's to have a different world like Kravitz
Everything hereafter, classics
All day, every day, Mid-Flight shit
- I can only wife a Mid-Flight chick
Had groupies without the music, tours might get stupid
Long as I get my loot, then a nigga won't lose it

(Got no more play for ya) 
Stop playin with my money and stop playin with me (2x) 
I don't know what changed, when this became a thing but I don't wanna make no scene 
But I bet you get ya issue when you playin with me 
Stop playin with my money and stop playin with me

Life better when you calling the shots
And the lines sound better when they're connecting the dots
I'm the nicest guy here, except to these thots
And these jealous ass niggas that stay talking a lot
I rather be blunt as a empty cigar
Never change, this the way that brought me this far
Couple L's every now and then sounds like a high
Besides, when my eyes low, I still look Thai (Ty)
My new nickname Young Takeover
Cause everywhere I come thru, I takeover
Whoever ya'll talking bout a placeholder
I still run shit when the race over
Still got tracks that be a ton (b-a-ton)
But I ain't got plans to hand the piece off
Maybe I gave away too much game about the green
Now everybody wanna try to tee off


12 told me the tint was the too dark, it look like a funeral
I said I got 3 eulogies and a hook, hit ya lights
Escort me to the studio , make yourself useful
What a muthafuckin time, we don't get along for real - you ain't my muthafuckin kind
I need the power and the money, you worrying bout what people gonna worry bout
To me, you talking funny
Fuck paper tags, I'm the brand name, bitch
Me stepping on the scene is the campaign pitch
Ya'll keep with that status quo, I need to stack some mo
System can't hold me down, cause I'm in it
Illuminati eyes don't even have this vision
Turn periods to commas, don't end my sentence
Shape shift from the king to the franchise
Do the fucking impossible like Manti
If I stood on the edge and said I'm the king of the world, of course I'm going down with the ship
And to protect my family and my Flight from these crumbs, of course I'm reaching down to the hip
I'm special, 38 special
Serial scratched off on the nine, special
Best of the best, yeen figure it out?
Seen all sides of me and ain't figured me out

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