In 2008, while sitting on the floor with his back against the wall and a Blackberry in his hand, something clicked in Ty’Ron’s head. Writing raps between auditions as he chased a dream of acting had become more normal than what he was here for. After making a decision to switch from film aspirations to music for a while, Ty’Ron began to understand who he was. Strong-minded and detailed, he was a leader type that never wanted the status, but rather the fruit. Taking advice from a Ludacris interview, he formed his own company and lacking the funds to buy beats and studio time, getting production gear to produce and record made more sense to him. Several mixtapes were crafted in his home studio rooms – albums were not a thought until things improved.

Stallion and Stallion II: Iron Mic were boxer themed mixtapes that shadowed his fight to be great, while 10 The Hard Way was the first of a project planned to be a MFMG album but transitioned to a solo album. The names changed over the years from Continental AT (paying homage to The Notorious B.I.G.), then Ric West (Real last name, but pseudonym for the first name) and finally, Ty’Ron…his real name – a decision made to be who he is: on the mic, in business, everywhere. Watching artists come and go from the label publicly and having projects not make much of a wave has morphed an idealistic young rapper who owned a company into a mogul-minded rapper who’s not high on dreams but more about real and obtainable goals.

Being from Alabama and dealing with stereotypes from everywhere else, the fight couldn’t be more complex for the head of Mid-Flight but when you started out fighting figuratively and literally – it’s natural. The next step is to show people that he is who he says he is and that Mid-Flight Music Group is here to stay. Because, for some of us, the road less traveled is the only road we know.