With the impending release of the MFMGNow! app on Google Play and Apple App Store, I can’t help but feel rejuvenated. When you’re dealing with dreams and business, fires tend to get big as infernos and as small as a fickle flame at certain points. Being self-aware and honest helps because you can identify that you’re missing that excitement and have to find ways to relight that fire.

If it’s not clear yet, Ric is AllMFMG – pretty much explains itself. The business moves, the music, the art direction, everything, comes from one source. Keep that in mind when going to the social media sites and wondering what’s going on: there’s one engine.

There’s a lot of sitting alone, looking at walls and seeing things in my head that nobody else knows about. Plans that can unfold in the next few hours and plans being laid for years down the road. The current plan, MFMGNow! is very exciting. Just get people to download a free app all about MFMG and things we’re affiliated with and they’ll be able to hear and see what I’m doing.

Feels easy enough.

I Am Who I Say I Am is still on tap as the next project. But the way I’ll do projects will be different too. That’ll unfold eventually too. First things first, gotta get this app published!

To the future.