What are the rules in a dogfight?

From what I gather, there are none unless you’re not a dog. I won’t delve in to a full dog metaphor, so we can keep it strictly human. Whatever you do, whether it be the music business, movie business, grocery, toy manufacturing, etc – there is some form of competition in this world.

Whom shall I answer to, except for my Lord? It damn sure won’t be somebody vying for my spot.
(For you athiests, this ain’t the time for that BS, you get it).

Don’t think I’m going to underthink, I will always understand. Don’t think that I underwork, I always take care of business. Don’t think that I won’t catch you because I already forsee the race.

What we DON’T talk about are the real issues that are truly unspoken. Not for social consumption, not for public opinion. We turn it into fire and burn each other until that weak melts off and we’re back to being focused. I’m not too tough nor am I coldhearted.

I signed up for a dangerous game. I’m just really ready to play. So when I look around in my circle, and then look over us and at our stands, I need you to understand: You lose when you’re not ready to win.

This grind will not be what you’re expecting. This takeover will not go the way you think. This victory will not be like what you’re used to. Change for people is very dangerous because it challenges us to adapt our mind and behavior from what we’re comfortable with. We accept it for what we want like money and people but not for the labors of success and loss of poisonous relationships. Usually change comes when circumstances takes it out of our hands.

I’m the circumstances.

My name is Ty’Ron and I’m the dangerous part of this game.

#numbersgame #MFMGNow