“Fuck it, why fight it? I wasn’t made for admiration/ Me saying shit like that gets you further agitated” is a line that lives in the middle of “Champagne” but is an over-arching theme over a course of Ty’Ron projects. They’re my responses to contentious relationships with certain women at different times. I made none of them linear in the verses so that it’s never at one person or even my situation sometimes. All are true but written with my artistic liberty. I know that it paints a certain picture that this type of song has been more prevalent music so far but really, they started out lighthearted with “Champagne” and that took on a life of itself. I PROMISE, it gets better – I’m making it up to you, ladies!


Starting out with an infamous Mike Tyson interview to open, in which Tyson says “I usually don’t do interviews with women unless I fornicate with them. So you shouldn’t talk, unless…you know…”, Champagne was designed to capture the recklessness of Mike Tyson in keeping with the theme of Stallion II: Iron Mic – relating my sophomore mixtape year with that of a young Tyson trying to navigate the top of the boxing world. It was originally going to be called “Pink Champagne” and have a totally different angle but then *things happened*. I weaved through a lot of true situations tied together over Jay Z’s Girls, Girls, Girls beat and ended up with *what I thought* was a funny song about dismissing a frustrating chick with the asshole move of telling her to “drink champagne instead of talking to me”. It wasn’t. It became a favorite among my male Flight members and fans.

“Think they number 1 – you ain’t number 1, at best, you number 5. Behind the money, behind the fame, behind the dreams, behind wifey, behind the job. Goddamn, you might be number 15! Play that 15 to ya goddamn strongest point, shit why you wanna be number 1. Life hard on the moon, bitch.”

That’s all I heard.
And I fell for it…because I listen to the people…



While working on the self-made Married 2 The Game album, I had a sample that I loved to death! I listened to it over and over until it became quite clear to me what it would end up being – the sequel to Champagne. The interlude before the song was a play on words – with the original context being the man packing and leaving with me wanted it to be taken as conversation during sex (listen to it with that in mind now). The actual song is about how cold the actual game is when you’re dealing with the opposite sex, only from my perspective. I really feel like art is best when rooted in truth and I use music to get my truths out. …My truths need some work. I love all of my songs – all of them – but this one, is one of my favorites. I had/have high hopes for people when they hear it. The wordplay, the beat with its sonic changes, the sample meshing with the “frienenemy” theme of it – I love it.

“Tell me that you love me but I doubt that that’s the truth/ I’m the boss and you don’t have to see the license for the proof/
I’m just giving you the business, ironic/ Reagan Era baby with the physical, trickle down economics”

Cold Game Interlude:

Cold Game:

By the way, the last line of the 3rd verse is flipped from Beanie Sigel, not me! Shout out to Beans (Jay Z’s “Stick 2 The Script”) – don’t pin that completely on me!

There’s a lot of tie-ins with my music and I thought it was appropriate to start this kind of feature out with the most obvious one. Champagne began as a track that entertained me but I didn’t take too serious and kinda morphed into something that’s low-key a staple after Cold Game. I do want to be careful about how I come off if I do continue but it’s still all in the name of entertainment. As long as I make sure I show my love for women in my music, I think we’ll be okay, right?

Let’s toast to that.

– Ty’Ron