On March 22, 2010, I founded Mid-Flight LLC. with the immediate aim of establishing Mid-Flight Music Group for my new music life. I don’t remember if I chose this day on purpose or not but I noticed it once I finished with all of the paperwork. This is key because on June 22, 1986, I was born in Montgomery, Alabama. With Mid-Flight being a rebirth for me, it cannot be understated how much the day 22 means to me.

It’s all rocky as a new business owner. It’s even rockier as an amateur rapper/producer/engineer in one. I didn’t celebrate anything in 2011 – there was nothing to celebrate. I had the first Stallion out, but as would be my Achilles heel, it went under the radar and I wasn’t too solid with my style. Post Stallion II: Iron Mic, I was working on Married 2 The Game and eventually 10 The Hard Way when I heard Jay Z’s song “Glory” that he made for his newborn daughter Blue Ivy. It made me think about Mid-Flight, which was MY child. I wrote “Congratulations” pretty quick off the inspiration of the lines he repeated throughout the song:

“The most amazing feeling I feel
Words can’t describe the feeling for real
Baby I paint the sky blue
My greatest creation was you”

2012 – “Congratulations”

During this era, I did everything. What it was and always has been: I didn’t have the money to export the responsibilities and also I’m a complete creative person who creates through different avenues. So armed with my Canon T3i, I enlisted my peer/counterpart/the guy that I followed into music – Dat Boi Verse to film my first video that I went and edited to look like an amateur, choppy video on purpose to get the intimacy of it captured. Everybody seems to love that video (I love it too, but with a million criticisms of myself, as usual).


2013 – “Flight 3 (Flight Anniversary)”

2013…was cool, looking back on it. I dropped the 10 The Hard Way mixtape in February 2014, which was supposed to be a tape with me and Ice Holloway but turned out to be solo. I followed that up with “Flight 3 (Flight Anniversary)” on March 22, 2013. I named it like this because after “Congratulations”, I wanted to make a song for every year on this date. I made the beat myself as 10 The Hard Way was the last jacked beats tape I would drop for a while as I worked on my Married 2 The Game album.

2014 – Flight IV (EP album)

So skipping to 2014, I had a super song planned for Flight IV (March 22, 2014). It was 2 songs in one – “Rev Up” and “Everything Flight”, self-produced by me again. Now, I recorded these songs but wasn’t happy with the quality so I planned to redo them WHILE AT THE SAME TIME, there was the usual clashing with the team going on. **Real shit**, that energy killed my energy for the song. I put them on the shelf and planned them for a summer release. So instead of a super song, I prepared an EP, spawning my single “Throne”, that I released 2 months later in May.

That was May 2014. This is May 2017.

That was the last MFMG Anniversary music I dropped but not the last planned. 2015’s was supposed to be Numbers Game, which would’ve been a label project with all artists having solos and posse cuts. The name was a take on it being a numbers game with all of the artists together coming together to make this thing a success. The studio was booked, beats were being checked out, social media was ready – everything. This was going to give everybody music, a chance to create without worrying about how and to get us started on promoting us – together…

…I released my Numbers Game mixtape on January 1, 2016, and the subsequent shorter EP version months later on all streaming services. 2015’s would-be Flight Anniversary song Nobody, Just Us was including on there, closing out the EP and mixtape versions. There was no 2016 Anniversary content – 2016 was trash. When the smoke cleared, there was nobody left. The number from Numbers Game was now one.

 2015 – “Nobody, Just Us” ***

I had a slight idea on doing something for March 22, 2017 but skipped it. I was too busy rebuilding my greatest creation to properly give it focus. But on March 22, 2018, I’ll make up for my mistakes.