allmfmg Android Release
Photography: Kendrick Little, Artwork: Mid-Flight Media Group

FEBRUARY 4, 2018

MONTGOMERY, AL – We are proud to announce that the allmfmg app is now live on the Google Play store for a free download. The allmfmg app replaces the MFMGNow! app and represents the evolution of the Mid-Flight brand to include more than music. With more news to report, the introduction of the editorials and features as well as the expansion into the sports and a bigger presence in the arts – a new presentation was needed.

The iOS version of the app will arrive shortly and is only delayed because of a different process than is required of Android apps.

MFMGNow! users should have an update available or may have been automatically updated to the new version. If not, please go to the Play Store and search “allmfmg” and download the new app.