Tuck it away.
Deep down. Far back. In the farthest, darkest corner.
Cover it up with that bag, so nobody sees it.
Nobody comes up here anyway…but if they do, “Don’t nobody wanna see that”.

Put it away.
Go stunt.

Don’t bring it up.
Don’t mention it. Don’t allude to it. Don’t even let me THINK you’re thinking about it.
Change the subject before you kill the mood.
“Why you think people stop talking to you? You with me, so they rocking with you now. Don’t mess it up…”

Put it away.
Get lit.

Be humble.
You trying to show off. Like you better than everybody…
Yeah, you put in a lot of time but anybody could’ve – that don’t make you king of nobody.
You don’t run nobody. No, you don’t run us.
It just seems like it, from what we getting, like you think you run us.

Put it away.
Be quiet.

But check this out…I always wanted to do that shit you be trying to do.
Not like that, but different. Your stuff was cool and all that…for you. What I got gone hit though!
How you said you started it again?
Don’t get all cocky cause I’m asking you either. I could figure it out on my own.
I just know you know and I could get this quick from you and move on to the other stuff faster.

Bring it around.
Teach me.

That’s a lot…
You gotta do that every time? Do I?
I was gonna patent it then—huh? Yeah, I meant copyright.
“Trademark? That’s like copyright? How much is that?”
I don’t believe you did all this. You got all that stuff out there and you telling me you did all this for that?

I don’t believe you had to do all that.
You always make stuff difficult
.…don’t worry about it…I’ll go figure it out.

I’ll just talk to you later…


Later comes and they come too

To the last place they wanna run to

Conversation’s light, like…what are your days, like

They throw in a funny joke, to start off a play fight

Cause…inside, you know they grappling that elephant

That’s in the room, mouth duct taped close – it be telling shit

But I need no help in this, see, I seen’t all those statuses

Gradually change from being big proclaims back to “Ya’ll can have this”

So back to us…approaching the topic slow

And I’m talking about other stuff because you know that I know that we already know

How this one gone go…

No apology will come.

You still defensive.

You think I’m gonna throw it in your face…

You’re apprehensive.

Tell me that’s it’s hard. And you’re in awe of what I do.

“Maybe things would’ve been better if I had listened to …”

Don’t worry about it, I know, I traveled the road.

But sometimes people don’t know until they know – you know?

Everything ain’t for us

Everything ain’t for us.

Yeah, you fucked up a lot of things

But what we got in us, is still love.






This is bigger than you think.

If I just wanted to rap…

I would’ve wrapped this city in a blink. And left the bodies in a mink

– no body bags.

Send them off real nice because I can’t take nobody back.

Opoids replaced crack             and I’m replacing legends

I’m replacing anybody questioning my methods.

You don’t know what you talking about.

I tell you it’s holes in the foundation but you don’t know what the caulk about.

All these aims on winning but never know what a loss about

You insecure about my position but you don’t know what a boss about.

This ain’t your lane muthafucka… you swerving

You put pressure in your pipes and got nervous.

Came back to me and I appreciate that gesture

Cause you could’ve capped from afar like things perfect

Be clear – everybody else quiet but that’s understated respect

Either they’re measuring up, working with me or they in debt

But you can’t see me right, even when I kept you real close.

To be honest – you were in the perfect spot as a friend and a foe.