Optimistic mistakes turn into the ultimate defense.

Pain teaches us to stop trusting.
It teaches us to close the door.
Pain is life’s way of saying,
that’s bad,
stay away,
go over there,
don’t do that no more.

So when it hurts, you stop… right?

Or do you fight
through the pain until the pain stops.
Is that how you get stronger?

It might be how you get habituated to something, how you become numb, how you become isolated within your own emotions and feelings because when you let someone else inside of your box, they want to break your walls and destroy this cardboard shelter that you thought was enough to protect you…

Ok fine, I’ll just build another one.
This time I’ll use better material… right?
You won’t get in this time. 

So now you’re back in your box and eventually the pain stops and you start to regroup, come back to your stoop and who’s this?

Oh hi there?
What’s up?
Oh yea, you’re not new…
I been knowing you.
Hey buddy, we’re friends,
of course I’ll let you in…

The closer they get, the more damage they do and now you find out that those walls you threw, up aren’t really useful if you’re just gonna allow them to walk right into your sanctuary … they didn’t need a key, u just open the door when they say hello. 

It’s that easy… right?

The familiar seems alright
until you remember what they said back in the day …
the closest ones to you are in the best position to slay. 

Danger! Danger!

It’s too late to pull up. Crash and burn, lessons learned … mistakes made. You had enough?

Probably not, maybe so…
who the hell really knows.

Pain teaches us to stop trusting.
Sit back.
Be patient.
Listen and grow.