Work has already begun on Ty’Ron’s next album “Summer Baby” and now he wants your help to finish it.

This WILL BE WORK but not hard work. The work part will be the discussion on Sunday. The music that is made is for the fans, so who better to help round out the album than the fans???

This album is geared towards the female demographic primarily but guys will rock with it too. If you ever dealt with a female before, a lot of this will hit home – trust.

HOW TO HEAR THE ALBUM (as it is now) and HELP:

  1. Go to the ALLMFMG Facebook page or ALLMFMG Instagram account or Ty’Ron Instagram account, Ty’Ron Twitter account, Elani Instagram account or Elani Twitter account, FOLLOW and comment “I’LL HELP” under the post just like this one (with the same picture)
  2. DM or Inbox (make sure this option is available) YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS and you will receive a link to the album Saturday morning. This link is only valid on June 16, 2018. On June 17th, all content will be gone. Nothing will be downloaded. You’ll have ALL day to listen and form an opinion.
  3. On June 17th, you give your feedback on the account where you accepted first.

Thanks in advance to all who will participate!