Ian Edwards – Leap Within Faith

So Christianity is still alive right? Or does the world hate Christians now too? Ok maybe that’s unfair. The Church and the idea of discrimination and lack of acceptance is what the world is going pretty hard against lately. Christianity has its issues because of that lack of all-inclusiveness, so most of my generation came up with this notion of being spiritual but not religious.

We still consider ourselves Christians right? Or maybe we prefer to disconnect from the notion of labels and belonging to a particular group because that “church home” never accepted all of us and based its foundations on preaching rules at us instead of instilling faith and morals that allow us to love everyone. Basically the church forgot about Jesus and many of us forgot about the church.

So what’s the problem with being spiritual and not being religious? The problem is the church represented a unified place where like spirited people could come to pray and support and be a rock and a foundation for those who needed that shoulder to lean on. Sometimes we aren’t strong and we need a friend who will give us advice that’s worthy of listening to. That’s what the church was supposed to be, a place full of elders with wisdom who could lead us and show us the way.

I will admit that without the deliverance of the word, it might be easy for some of us to forget about faith. There’s a faith in God that should always keep us grounded in the belief that He has a plan for us that is worthy of all the positive things that we embody and deserve. Without that faith we become insecure and we question our purpose and our power. Do we need the church for that power? Maybe not, but we do need the word for purpose. There is power in the word of God and there is power in the belief in God. Now, the issue here is that there are some who do not believe in God, so where is that power for them? That power is in the strength and faith that they have in their beliefs, their truths and their morals. Me personally, I need to believe that God has me in His heart and my best interests are protected by the spirit of His guiding faith. If this truth remains within me, then any path that I walk has purpose and power. If I doubt Him then I’m weakening myself and throwing away His blessing. All this does is add confusion and uncertainty into my life.

We have to be careful of what we put into ourselves as far as what we eat, think, see and hear. We need to remember that music can persuade our emotions and recreate strong feelings within us. Christian rap reminds me of that faith without the need to go to a church to feel the spirit of the body of Christ. I just need to think of Him, talk to God and pray about whatever it is that troubles me. My peace of mind returns when I remember that He loves me and He is guiding my steps and my path.

It’s wonderful how God is always right on time. Thanks Jeremiah Broken. No Longer Silent is an album that I definitely needed to hear right now. It spoke to me in exactly the right way. Also thanks Ty’Ron. You continue to remind me of my strength and that my foundation in God is really all I need to win at any and everything that I do in life. These are the kind of leaders that the world deserves to follow. Place your faith within a worthy foundation and never forget the power that this holds.