Bigelow, K. (Producer/Director) & Boal, M. (Writer/Director). (2009). The Hurt Locker [Motion picture]. USA: Summit entertainment.
Hurt lockernoun. a period of immense, inescapable physical or emotional pain (urban

The reaction I get from Optimistic Mistakes seems to give me the thought that I need to further clarify this situation.

Try not to focus on the negative. Pain teaches us to stop trusting, be patient, sit back, listen and grow. Yes, it teaches us to be a bit more selective of who we give our trust to. It teaches us to notice when we’re being played for a fool and sometimes allow that player to persist in the game of making us look like the fool but maintain that ignorance of their actions for the purpose of obtaining our own goal.

I didn’t mean for us to all shut down and just feel the hurt.

The lesson of pain is meant for us to become smarter than the average bear. Look Booboo, this world isn’t designed to be a cake-walk. It’s designed to forge us into sharp edged swords through temperament and hammering of steel in fire. We don’t come out unscathed, but we do come out with a greater knowledge and the scars to remind us of the lesson.

Be smarter.

Be stronger.

But don’t be an island. It’s okay to be a cast away. What choice do we have? They toss us out no matter how much we think we deserve to be a part of their world. We don’t let that deter us from building our own world with the lessons they taught us in theirs. Sometimes it’s hard to the see the point of it all, I get that… I also get that maybe there isn’t really a point for most of us, yet. Don’t worry it will become clear in time.

The board has its pawns, bishops and queens…we’re all in this game. We all play a role. Play the role. Change the part. Tear up the fucking script. Don’t let the pain take you to a place where you can’t heal and grow stronger from the hurt. Don’t stay in the hurt locker my people. The point was to listen, learn and grow.

Pain is a part of the lesson. Isolation is not the desired final outcome.