It’s not extremely easy to write a review about Summer Baby since I have to be mindful that as part of the team, I’m biased. I understand the passion, the hidden stories behind the music and I’m privy to what the album fully encompasses. I’m not overly critical of the sound because

I love how the noise comes off as a sensual melody, melts into your ears and lulls you to this peaceful bed of soft sheets and pillows with a gentle caressing beat until the lyrics come into play and remind you that you’re completely under the spell of a man who hypnotically overwhelms your senses with pleasure while he’s ”rapping in your ear in the missionary”. Once you’re fully limber and drawn into his deep seated embrace, he flips it, grabs a fistful of locks and proceeds to take you down… Pleasure and pain get lost within each other until you can’t tell when one ceases and the other picks up the pace. It’s all a blur as he’s “fkn you to death on the balcony” and you just want to “Show the City how you’re living”. 

I can’t explain what’s not mine to tell. Ty shows you his truth and I wouldn’t do y’all the disservice of taking that away from him or you. Plus, I would hate to toss out a spoiler alert and ruin the ending for anyone who hasn’t heard the entire story yet. I call it a story because it really is. I’m grabbing popcorn for this cinematic event. I love the symphony because the music is a narrative and Summer Baby could, undoubtedly play in the hall. This album has that old school Slick Rick story teller type of feel.

I’m in love with Summer Baby

The kick is that the music isn’t attached to a familiar sound or style. It plays like it could be from anywhere, which makes it totally universal and astounding; perfect for a world-wide audience.

Summer Baby surprises everyone.

If you’ve been a fan you’re intrigued by this new versatility and growth. Ty’Ron’s last project, I Am Who I Say I Am, was a great piece that displayed rugged parts of his character from the heart of a man re-emerged. We got a nice glimpse of the boss speaking on pertinent situations that hit close to home. Now we move onto the title track Summer Baby and we get an introduction to his intimacy… his personal relationships. We get to sit in the living room and chill on the sectional with our feet on the ottoman and marvel at the inside of the loft.

We even get to peak into the bedroom this time. 

Listening to Summer Baby from a woman’s standpoint, it almost feels like he could be talking directly to me about me. I’m sure we can all relate to being someone’s Summer Baby. It holds value to see an alpha male’s passion and understand his purpose. The taste of the music is what really brings it home and gets you high.

Ty’Ron Completely Delivers.  

He doesn’t hold back the love, the sex, the need, the longing, the fuck ups on both sides or the pain and heart break. We see him now and he can tell us this story… He can look us in the eye and say he’s over it… but we know he remembers the feel of her. This is an album about situationships and how great and addicting intimacy can become with any man or any woman. It also shows us the damage it can do. The pain is definitely there. If you’ve ever loved that hard, you know there’s no way it didn’t hurt. No punches pulled with this one. Listening to I Am Who I Say I Am and then Summer Baby, is like watching the first two movies of the Batman trilogy. Is it too soon to wonder what’s next?  

I’m ready for another production!  

In the meantime… I’ll definitely cycle this one on repeat and re-play I Am Who I Say I Am just to make sure I catch any hidden connections he might’ve tossed out for us true fans. I’ll cut it off here before I say too much and lose some of my privileges. 

But one more thing.  

Summer Baby, whoever you are, thank you for your contribution to the arts. The world needed Amber Rose to give us My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and the world needed Summer Baby to give us Summer Baby. I definitely don’t love you for what you did to him, but I do love what he made of it. 


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