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26 Jun 2019

If you ask anybody else, they’d say that Ty’Ron’s ego is big but he’d tell you that his ambitions are bigger.

   With unabashed aims of being a multimedia mogul, the Alabama native thrives on his larger than life visions of his position in the world but struggles with fitting in. “I relate more to Outkast, the further along I go, with the feeling of being different. Not dressing different but thinking and seeing things different than the people around me.” Having started his Mid-Flight LLC. at age 23 and enduring an endless amount of personnel and professional setbacks, the self-proclaimed Alphabet Boy (for his MC/CEO/COO/VP titles he holds) appears grateful for the life lessons. “If everything would have worked out then, I’d just be a rapper. I’m glad I fell the way I did because I see I’m meant for much more.”

   Starting anew in January 2016 with the “Numbers Game” album/mixtape and following up with 2017’s “I Am Who I Say I Am” album, Ty’Ron’s trajectory is beginning to take form the way he planned it in his bedroom in 2009. Rapping about what he’s actually about, his topics range from self-introspection, women, society and business with a competitive rap flair added on top.


“Being born in the South influenced my sound but my lyrics were shaped by East coast rap. I say a lot in my music. I live through music and want other people to live through my music too – for years, not just a couple of months.”

   From having a mobile app (allmfmg) instead of business cards, to being the COO and VP of a fashion brand [pash the brand] and making the second M in allmfmg – a moniker used to encompass his company in one word – multi-functional for all of his target areas (music, media, management) – it’s safe to say that the Alphabet Boy is here to stay.